Nora is a true professional and very knowledgeable -Donna Davis- Nokomis, FL

Before I started the nutrition program with Nora, I had gained weight and waist girth after 20 years of retirement, even though I exercised regularly and ate what I considered a healthy diet. I knew that I needed to lose belly fat, reduce my weight and BMI, as I had had a clogged artery problem and have a family history of heart/stroke problems. I was generally healthy, but I realized that gaining 1#/year would only add up and up no my scale.

After working with Nora for 3-4 months, I did meet my weight, BMI ratio and waist measurement goals, with added benefits as well! I feel better, fit into my clothes better, and have more energy. I dramatically lowered my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I’m satisfied and feel proud of myself! I’m really happy!

My experience working with Nora was a challenging and positive experience for me. (Yes, FUN!! I had a sense of accomplishment doing what I needed to do to meet my goals!) Nora was friendly, positive, pleasant, (but no-nonsense!) and helpful every step of the way. She was always there for me. Meeting with her, talking via phone, and emails were options every step of the way. She encouraged me and was never patronizing. She had me doing things I hesitated to do (and hated at first) such as keeping an exact food/water diary, which I felt was a major factor in my success. Any problem I encountered Nora helped me with, often researching info for me. She was always professional, and even though we had many fun conversations, I knew that she could be “tough” when needed. I was honest with her, and I felt that she was always honest with me.

What I liked best about Nora was her true professionalism, her knowledge, her helpfulness, her caring, and her personality. I would (and have) recommend her services to others. The experiences I had were pleasant and rewarding, and worth so much to me. I’m grateful!

Nora is so kind and compassionate and motivating that your goals become reality -Elaine Hettema- Nokomis, FL

Before I started my nutrition program with Nora, I felt low on energy and tried other weight loss programs without success.

I invested in a 3 month weight loss program with Nora. As a result, I have become more active and I reached my goal. I am also having great success with maintenance, which was a concern of mine. I am so happy that I dropped two sizes.

Working with Nora was a pleasure. She made the program very clear and was always available for support. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable.

Nora is so kind and compassionate and motivating that your goals become reality.

Having more energy has allowed me to increase my exercise -Barbara Fasano- Sarasota, FL

I had gained a lot of weight and went to see Nora to see what she could do for me. I told her that I had no portion control with what I was eating and worse yet, had started eating cake and cookies, which I usually did not do. I have health issues that were adding to my weight problem and I felt out of control.

Nora put me back on track on my eating. Her nutrition program helped me with portion control and helped me make some changes in what I ate, such as: eating more vegetables, not eating quite as much fruit, eating the right amount of carbs and protein at each meal. Now I am enjoying eating more seafood and a little less meat.

I have lost 30 pounds over the past 6 months and now I feel great. I was struggling with energy due to my weight and a medical procedure that I had done when we started working together, but now I’m very energetic. Having more energy has allowed me to increase my exercise which is a very important part of my life now.
My experience with Nora was great. Her communication was excellent. She adjusted my original diet so that I could include my favorite foods and lose weight. Now I’m on track with my and exercise and feel great!

I am pleased with my new way of eating -Lorrie Stern- Sarasota, FL

My name is Lorrie Stern and I have just finished a wonderful 3 month program with Nora Clemens.

I have struggled with my weight for years. I have tried so many different diets with none of them showing any results. So I said enough is enough. I had a meeting with Nora and she explained in great detail what my weight loss program would be like. I decided this program would was for me and I signed up eager to start.

The program was fabulous. I feel so good about myself and proud of my weight loss and how I look. I am pleased with my new way of eating and understanding of what, how much and when to eat. I see now that portion control was needed.

Nora was always so patient, explaining everything in great detail, reviewing what some good choices for meals would be for that week. It was always a new adventure in eating and I must say that I was never hungry. I think that what made the program work for me was how patient and understanding Nora was with me.
On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience was a 10+!

I learned how to support my condition and maintain a healthy diet -Jaqueline Plank- Myakka City, FL

It was a pleasure working with you during the past 3 months. Your 180° Weight Loss Program was exactly what I was looking for and I found it extremely helpful.

Even though I’ve completed the program, I’m still accountable for keeping track of my diet because of your program. The interactive food tracking allowed me to understand the nutritional value of the foods that I was eating. I also liked the feature of being able to ‘invite’ other friends to view my food log to help me stay “accountable”.

One of my issues/concerns was how to create a healthy diet while having Addison’s disease. I learned how to support my condition and maintain a healthy diet to decrease the side effect of my medications.

While I will miss our weekly visits, I’m confident that you have taught me the skills that I needed to have a healthy life. Your warmth and kindness have truly been an inspiration to me on this journey. I thank you for all that you have invested into my health.

My cooking is tasty and healthy now -Derrick Adams- Myakka City, FL

I want to thank you for everything you’ve taught me about nutrition and wellness over the past 3 months. Before your program, I didn’t have a correct understanding of calories and ingredients. The dinners I was cooking were actually very unhealthy. I know now what ingredients to use and what portions to serve. My cooking is tasty and healthy now!

I learned that my diet was lacking in all the necessary components to live a healthy, long life. With your help, my diet has exactly the nutritional values it needs to grow muscle and maintain my new weight.

Before working with you, I would never exercise and now I just ran my first 5K run. This wouldn’t be possible without your guidance and support.

One of my favorite things about working with you was how understanding you were. Even if I ate the wrong foods, you would kindly tell me what a better choice would have been without discouraging me. I never felt judged. I lost 19 pounds on your program and feel great

Thank you so much for everything. You made such an impact on my lifestyle and gave me the skills to live a healthy life. I do hope that you can attend my wedding next month and celebrate our happiness!

I am so satisfied with the program I plan on sticking to the overall plan forever -Debbie Anderson- McKinney, Texas

I have always been big into exercise but I was exercising and having a very difficult time getting below the 140 pound mark. Granted I was not really sticking to any diets or changing my eating habits for very long (obstacle one!) and really did not have the physiological background to know what food combinations, etc. I really should be eating (obstacle two).

I was not eating right. I would go ¾ of the day without eating properly, and was really not accountable to anyone but me.

Well, with weight, it is all about RESULTS. The program made me feel good and look even better. First, I felt empowered that I was actually taking a positive step for ME and finally making my weight loss a priority. Second, I knew the food combinations I was now eating were much healthier for me, aside from weight management. When I started seeing results after the very first week, I was enthused to stick with it. I also started enjoying grocery shopping more because I could make a specific list and have a plan – not just wander around and have to figure it all out myself. My 21 year old daughter got engaged with the program, so it was something we could share together. Lastly, I have a new-found enjoyment of cooking and meal preparation. Most of my life it was a chore, but this program taught me the joy of doing something good for myself for a change and actually enjoying the ‘craft’ of the simple meal cooking techniques that I had never learned before.

Being in the marketing business, I could quickly see not only WHY Nora had such an organized, accountable system to help ME achieve my goals, but how user-friendly it was for me.

From the project kick-off steps (taking photos and measurements of my ‘old’ body) through the weekly phone follow-ups, each component had a purpose to gauge results, keep me focused and accountable. Each week when we went over my meal plan, she was positive and helpful and never made me feel guilty or beat up about cheating or falling short. Nora took the lead the whole way and didn’t let me slip by with skipping any steps, blowing off any meetings or giving up. Like a fierce but firm personal trainer, she put an upbeat spin on the content and process and seemed to have every base covered even down to having me do an organized shopping list to ensure I would have the proper food/tools to be successful each week.

What I liked MOST was the results. I wanted to lose weight and did. If someone had said ‘commit to a two month plan and you will lose 12 pounds’, I would have jumped on it years ago. So results, results, results. Nora was calm and passionate throughout it and in addition I know without HER organized and accountable plan, I would not have succeeded!

Bravo Nora. I weigh less than I have in 15 years, and even though I have achieved my goal I am so satisfied with the program I plan on sticking to the overall plan forever. The real proof is the accolades I am getting from people seeing the fabulous weight loss and me feeling the satisfaction of succeeding at doing something for ME!

I made a commitment to my health and well being -Robin

“My experience with Nora Clemens was a total commitment to my health and wellbeing. She was always available to assist in my selections of foods, so much so that if I were eating at a particular restaurant, she had access to their menu and would make recommendations. My obstacles were not eating breakfast, bad selections at lunch and eating after 7 pm. She changed my daily routine/schedule and my thought process in making better food selections. I have lost 18 pounds and I am able to keep it off! I am feeling healthier and am currently working on being more physically active. Not only did I lose weight but my cholesterol went down and my protein levels improved. Nora’s knowledge of nutrition and the body made itself clear each and every day I followed her direction. She is my personal Nutrition Coach and I cannot thank her enough.”

I got off the yo-yo diet cycle -Beth

“My life before beginning a nutrition program with Nora was the typical up and down the scale, “yo-yo” diet life. When I reached my early 50’s, I found my weight staying at that extra 10/15 pounds and not changing no matter what I did. After meeting with Nora, I realized I wasn’t seeing a change because I wasn’t educated in proper choices in my diet.

After working with Nora and eating the right foods at the right times AND adding exercise, I began to see results! The scale began to change…finally! One of the best things is that this is a lifetime diet…not packaged meals or shakes and protein bars until you lose the weight. Those short term diets typically result in gaining back the lost weight. This is a daily eating plan for the rest of your life!

Feeling better about myself in the way I look and feel is fabulous! My clothes fit better and I have more energy.

The best thing is working with a personal nutritionist. Nora formulates a plan designed for me and my body type and my lifestyle. Scheduling meeting times is easy to work into daily life and for quick questions is always available by email or text!

Finding this nutrition plan has changed my life and now I’m helping my adult children to make better choices!”

I understand my eating patterns after working with Nora -Christine

“I was struggling to gain enough perspective on my own patterns… It was very hard to set a plan, stick to the plan, and keep enough records to be able to really assess performance and make adjustments on my own. Usually “life” would get in the way and I wouldn’t have enough time or data to objectively assess how I was doing…

Now I feel so much more confident. I can walk into almost any situation with confidence that I know what I can & can’t eat… I’m losing weight and I love how I feel.

I definitely did lose weight and inches, but mostly I gained invaluable insight into my eating habits and patterns. For example, I lost more inches than I did actual pounds – indicating that I might be losing muscle mass… Thus the take-away results for me was that I have to make sure I’m getting enough protein in my diet… and I need to make sure to keep my muscle mass up.

Nora’s firm commitment to “the plan” – this is exactly what I was lacking, and Nora was able to keep me to it. Keeping detailed notes, evaluating weekly results, and modifying the weekly plan to try to address points of interest.”

I control my diabetes with my diet -Jan

“Working with Nora has changed my life in a very good way. Before meeting her, I struggled with a weight challenge that produced type 2 Diabetes. My doctor wanted to put me on medication when I asked him to let me change my eating and exercise habits first. He agreed and gave me 3 months to do it. I contacted Nora and she helped me to make some changes in what and how much I ate. With her guidance and patience my A1C level dropped and my doctor told me to keep up the good work! I do not take medication for my Diabetes and have lost about 20 pounds. Besides the improvement in my health, I do feel and look better (and younger).

Nora helped me to understand how to reduce the carbohydrates in my food and to make better choices. I now read every label on every package and focus on the carbs. I also eat 3 meals a day with a healthy snack in between.

Nora is a delight to have in my life today. I know that she is available to help me if I need her. I enjoy her pleasant and positive manner. I hope that she will be in my life for a long time.”

My husband said I look HOT now! -Maria

What were some of the obstacles you were facing before you started the nutrition program with Nora?

My body got in to a plateau and couldn’t lose any more weight. She also helped me to create an appropriate exercise routine.

How has the program made you look and feel?

I look “HOT” as my husband said. Feel great!!! In the overall: confident, with high self-steam and proud.

What results did you get from the nutrition program with Nora?

Knowledge: I learned to eat 5 times a day. Portion control. Calories count. Food combination and how important is to exercise even if you don’t like it.

What did you like most about working with Nora?

Nora is very passionate of her work and helps you to understand step by step the importance of eating RIGHT. She never criticizes if you fall out of the program; instead, she encourages you to continue working on your goals. Also, she sends you e-mails that assure that “you can make it!!!!”

I feel healthier than I have ever felt in my life thanks to Nora! -Rusty

“I need to learn what and when to eat to keep my blood sugar and weight under control.

After meeting with Nora, I became thinner than I had been in forty years and feel healthier.

She showed me how to eat properly and now, I am keeping my blood sugar under control, as well as my weight. She was always available to answer any questions, explained everything in detail and gave examples of what to eat. She got me started on my diabetic diet! Nora is a very thoughtful, helpful, courteous and person.”

Nora help me put together a plan that has helped me maintain my new healthy weight. -Jim

Prior to working with Nora, I thought I could just lose weight, especially around my waist, by going to the gym and including abdominal exercises along with a serious strength workout program. Workout were four days each week for 1 ½ hours each. Even though I watched what I ate, there was no weight change from mid May to early September.

So I set an appointment with Nora to determine what to do. Nora explained why, very simply, that exercise alone will not ‘make’ you lose weight. After consulting with Nora, we arrived at a meal plan with foods that I liked and that worked well with my work and exercise schedules.

We set up goals and used a great tool to monitor my progress. To make sure that I was on track with my plan, we set up a food diary at the Livestrong site. This was great for me, since I’m a numbers guy, I could see if I was meeting my goals each day and each week. The personalized meal plan that she provided together with the food diary helped me to get the results I wanted.

I lost 17 pounds over a three month period and have had to replace all of my clothes. I feel great and great about myself. What I liked most about working with Nora was her resourcefulness and willingness to work closely with me to arrive at a customized plan that has now become a mindset, which helps me maintain my weight. I am most thankful.

I made the right decision to work with Nora. -Risa

When I called Nora she was warm and understanding to what I wanted to accomplish. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and health to say the least. I found her to be very supportive in my efforts and always available to me should I have questions or concerns. She was very helpful in making me understand my body and how it works and tailored a program just for me and what I wanted to accomplish. I did accomplish my initial goal with her help and I continue to this day to reach more goals using the tools and knowledge on a daily basis that she shared with me. Before Nora, I had never worked with a nutritionist and I am glad to have found her. I didn’t know what to expect and I was very hesitant in thinking that she could help me. She did help me, not only with my food choices but my overall health. She always made me feel empowered and in control when I needed to take control of my life involving food and my health. Anyone that works with her will feel they have made the right decision.