About Nora

Get Healthy NOW

I worked as a Consultant Dietitian with elderly residents in nursing homes for many years.  My job was to help these frail and very sick people get healthier through good nutrition.  It was frustrating to see the impact that a lifetime of poor nutrition choices had on these seniors at a time when they should be enjoying their Golden Years!  It became less rewarding for me as I realized that I was helping them stay alive but I could no longer help them AVOID the health problems they had created.  All the while, family and friends would ask me to help them with their nutrition challenges:  weight loss, heart conditions, diabetes and all sorts of health conditions that can be managed with good nutrition.   I knew that it was time for me to help people GET healthy NOW and stay healthy so they could be their very best now, AND in their Golden Years.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I realized that I had to step out of my comfort zone, that it was time for me to step up and live out my personal passion for health and wellness and start a nutrition private practice.  I took the risk of downsizing my “sick care business” so that I could live my dream of having a “well care business!”

I knew that I’d need help in setting up a successful and cutting edge business so I hired a business coach to walk me through starting Nutrition and Wellness Solutions.  I could have bought books, gone online, asked friends and colleagues how to set up my business (just what so many people do for nutrition advice!) but I knew that investing in a coach I would get the results that I really wanted:  To make a living by making a difference in the health and wellness of motivated persons!

Get the Results You’ve Dreamed Of

While working with my coach, I developed a 3 step system that helps my clients achieve the results they dream of:   looking and feeling their best, and preventing the illnesses that I once helped treat!   My 3 step system:  What (to eat), How Much (to eat), and When (to eat) = RESULTS!  This is for you if you’re ready to learn how eat so that you can really LIVE!

Now, I AM living my dream because my clients are achieving the results THEY dreamed of.   Just ask Rusty who now has his diabetes under control or Christine, who has lost 60 pounds this year, and counting!

To discuss how you can get started on this life-changing journey, please contact me.